About Norma Ching


My name is Norma Ching.  I am a retired teacher  The poems I am about to  share are for believers in God as well as non-believers.  In 1997 I had  a major stroke;  I was paralyzed on my right side and I couldn’t talk.  God healed me.  A year later I had brain surgery; I was out of the hospital in a week.  God healed me of that too; so I have a lot to be thankful to Him for.

Through the years the Holy Spirit has given me poems to write.  My son, Patrick suggested I have them published along with his paintings; at first I thought he was just trying to help me to get my poems out, but when we put the two together, his paintings and the poems, we discoverd that the Lord had given him the ideas for the paintings which matched the poems.  God had orchestrated the whole thing.  It is a very good seller.  I now want to share them with you (as soon as I find out how to do it).


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